Separate Creative Flash Fiction Stories

Separate Creative Flash Fiction StoriesThis assignment is not by page, but by word count of each individual story.The stories can be on any topic, but must be profoundly well-written as short "flash fiction" genre stories. They should also be related to the theme of survival somehow and contain a character or characters? plot/subplot related to overcoming a "survival" type of situation (such as drugs, divorce, abuse, death, moving/relocation, accident or tragedy, etc.) The main character or characters in each story can be of any age, and the stories do not have to be related by topic?just theme. I would like the stories to vary in point of view. Each story should be a minimum of 400 words and cannot exceed 500 words. They should be polished and free of grammatical errors and should each have a separate title. I need at least a Master?s level creative writer for this project. These must be original work and no sources are required to be cited or allowed except as a reference on your own to model effective flash fiction genre.!

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