Sex and relationships

The study of sex and relationships from the past has grown considerably and continues to raise more questions for the future. It has been noted that since the ancient times, sexual frequency declines with age among “couples”. In the book, “Sex and Relationships,” by John P. Elia there is an interesting analogy of the decline of sexual frequency, “A decline in sexual frequency over the course of a relationship and over the course of ones lifetime is probably one of those “sure” things in life – like death and taxes (ch.3 p.46) .” It is inevitable that sexual frequency declines between two human beings that have established a sexual relationship and will continue to do so. The decline in sexual frequency between two people involved in a relationship does not only apply to married couples, but also dating couples, gays, and lesbians. The decline of sexual intercourse is not an overnight syndrome where people just decide that they are going to be less sexually active, but is a process that takes time and involves many variables and internal factors. The sexual frequency among newly married couples generally is higher than that of those whom have been married more than a year. Many books on sexuality and marriage have cited that young married couples in the United States engage in sexual intercourse about two to three times per week (Crooks & Baur, 1990; Hyde, 1990. These statistics could be a little off due to the fact that newly married couples might be engaging in sexual intercourse more frequently in hopes that the female may become pregnant. These are variables that sexologists must consider when they record their data and try to draw conclusions from. There is a phenomenon that has been called the “Honeymoon effect” that describes decline in sexual frequency may be the greatest during the first year of marriage. I can relate to this phenomenon even though I am not married. During the first year of my relationship wit…

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