Cosmetic Issues Gary stood beside his bed, which was covered with open magazines, displaying the tits and cunts of his favorite porn stars. He was naked, fisting his cock, which was slick with lotion. As he jerked off, he stared at his cock, waiting to see the cum fly out. His shaft was long, with a big shovel-shaped head that pulsed when he came. Staring at the shiny cunts of the women on the bed before him, Gary felt the spunk boiling in his balls. He pumped faster, his hand flying along his slick, hot *censored*. As he imagined sliding his cock into one of those sweet twats, he exploded, groaning as his cock throbbed, thick hot ropes of cum spurting out, covering the magazines. As he recovered, Gary looked down at the magazines, his soft *censored* still in his hand. His cum had landed on some of the women’s faces, painting their soft lips with his spunk. He had never really looked at it before, but now he could imagine a woman kneeling before him, smiling and licking her lips as his thick load dripped from her cheeks and chin. His cock started to rise again. That night, Angela was on her knees with his big prick in her mouth. Angela was one of the hottest, sluttiest women he had ever been with, and she loved sucking cock. More importantly, she would look incredible with his cum on her face. Just imagining it, he felt himself getting closer. He guided Angela’s head faster along his cock. “I want to come on your face,” he groaned as Angela pumped and sucked his *censored*. Angela looked up at him curiously, her mouth bulging with his cock. She slowly drew back, trailing her teeth lightly along his shaft. Gary felt his legs go rubbery. “Keep jerking it,” he begged, and Angela continued to work his *censored* with her hand. “Oh yeah, I’m gonna shoot it,” Gary said, and then grunted as he began to come. Angela closed her eyes and opened her mouth as his spunk began to fly. Jets of his juice landed on her cheek…

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