Sexually Transmitted Infections and the Elderly

Sexually Transmitted Infections and the ElderlyPaper guidelinesWritten AssignmentSelect one of the following maternal-child health issues. Provide a complete and thorough explanation to the following questions.An introductory and conclusion paragraphs are required.Option 4: Sexually Transmitted Infections and the ElderlyAbstractIntroductionPrompt One-Provide an overview of this issue, identifying the statistical data.Prompt Two-What are the care issues/challenges associated with elderly women who are diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections.Prompt Three-Develop a prevention teaching plan for the elderly population.Prompt Four- Discuss (check for the help you need) the impact that sex enhancement drugs have on this issue.Prompt Five-As a future nurse (include three roles of the nurse), how would you plan to address the issue?ConclusionAppendixHandoutCoppin State UniversityDirections for the paper/writing assignment:1. You want to prepare this assignment in APA 6th edition format, must have at least five sources-two-three recent articles and at least two internet sources. You cannot use WebMD, HealthyMinds, emedicinehealth or Wikipedia. You need to use a quality internet source that has an identified author or Nationally/Internationally recognized organization.2. Must have an introduction and conclusion3. Use the questions for this assignment as subheadings in APA format. The question prompts serve as the body of the paper.4. Paper should not exceed five (5) page excluding cover and reference page5. Paper needs to be submitted by the posted due date. Need two (2) hardcopies and one TurnItIn attachment. The paper will not be graded if it is not submitted using TurnItIn and providing the hard copies.6. If you quote, it must be limited to no more than 80 quoted words. Direct quotes are allowed, but must be limited to the 80 quoted words. You are required to use quotation notes. Ideally, the wording of the majority of the paper should be paraphrased. The document must be considered at least 70 percent original thought. Failure to achieve this standard will result in a grade of zero.7. Do not submit the rubric with the assignment.Grading Criteria Possible Points 100 YourScore1. Title Page 52. Abstract 53. Introduction 54. Prompt 1 105.Prompt 2 106.Prompt 3 107.Prompt 4 108. Prompt 5-Summarize and describe the impact to your future nursing practice using the roles of the nurse. 158. Prompt 5-Summarize and describe the impact to your future nursing practice using the roles of the nurse. 159. Designated Conclusion section 510. Reference Page-At least five sources properly referenced on reference page. 511. Appendix-Appropriate Handout/Literature-Client Focused 512. Integration of all sources throughout the paper 513. Adherence to APA guidelines-running head, headers, subheadings, margins, font, etc. Refer to APA manual 514.Grammar 5Total 100The role of a nursePlease use three roles of the nurse communicator, counselor, and coordinator to do prompt five paragraph. Please follow the rubric well, call me with any questionOrder for your custom written PAPER now! :

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