shakespeare’s use of “diabolical disorientation”

shakespeare?s use of ?diabolical disorientation?Paper instructions:a) Introduction and thesis statement- at least 5 sentencesYou need to give background on Shakespeare and Macbeth; you need to describe what diabolical disorientation is. In your last sentence (your thesis statement) you need to briefly describe that diabolical disorientation can be seen to be at work in the characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth,and briefly describe how.b)How is diabolical disorientation seen in the character of Macbeth? (8-10 sentences) You need to describe how and why the character becomes a victim of diabolical disorientation through the witches; you need to describe why they picked him for this,and the three stages through which he descends into diabolical disorientation.c) How is diabolical disorientation seen in the character of Lady Macbeth? (8-10 sentences) You need to describe how her evil is neutralized in the play,and essentially transferred to her husband?yes, she starts evil and doesn?t hide it, but, as Macbeth becomes more evil through the play, she becomes less and less effective in her evil?to the point where she is harmless.d) Conclusion- At least 4 sentencesA restatement of your thesis statement, rewrites of the topic sentences from paragraph B and C, along with a closing sentence.!

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