Shaping a Nation

Robby Noble US History Period 4 Shaping a Nation The United States of America is constantly changing. Each president makes changes that shape this country. Three presidents that made some of the most important contributions to our nations history were, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. They were involved in the three most important wars fought by the United States of America. George Washington was a great president who led this country to independence. He fought the British until they surrendered. The United States won the war. Furthermore, he appointed people to counsel him in making decisions that helped form economic and social stability. As the first president, he created a pattern whereby all future presidents were given the opportunity to make their own improvements to the country, yet, allow a continuity of leadership. Abraham Lincoln came to the presidency in a time of turbulence. Although he faced hardships while in the office of president, he faced challenges before he was elected that helped him know how to cope with controversy. He was born into poverty, failed in business, and suffered a nervous breakdown. Also, he lost eight elections before becoming president. The Civil War had the power to divide this nation. Lincoln pulled these two sides together and helped them unite. He abolished slavery with the thirteenth amendment and managed to keep the southern states from seceding from the Union. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president that brought the United States out of the great depression and positioned it as a superpower. His most significant contribution was introducing the New Deal. He also was the president to create social security. Roosevelt helped the Allies in World War II with the Lend-Lease Act, which allowed Britain to place orders on supplies and weapons without paying money. Roosevelt was the president that launched the United States into its p…

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