Shaping the Colonies

The English Division that ultimately ended up shaping the colonies would have to be the lower class in my opinion. Nobility from England did enter into the New World, however they were mostly appointed as governors and other high political figures, and while these politicians did have a big impact on American society, the American Revolution changed all of this. It was the middle class of American society that shouted out for revolution, and this American middle class were of a lower class in England before they came to the New World. These people came to America because they were either banished, criminals, avoiding persecution, or simply seeking a better life. Ultimately, the upper class of American society were loyalists of England and were persecuted by the middle and lower class Americans during the American Revolution. Most of these upper class Americans were either forced to convert to the revolutionist ways or return to England, otherwise they would be heavily tormented and possibly killed. For these reasons I believe it was the lower class of England that came to the American colonies and most greatly influenced their society. …

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