Sheikh zayed grand mosque

Sheikh zayed grand mosqueDescription: discuss the historical influences and inspirations in the art and architecture of sheikh zayed grand mosque,abudhabi.write about community role of afriday mosque and history of sheikh zayed grand mosque (social cultural and historical context) overview, architect/design firm(who is he/they, how did F-he end uo designing sheikh zayed mosque).facades and location. the effects of light and water. the individual architecturalelements(dome,minarets,courtyard,qibla wall,ablution areas). interior furnishings (carpets,lights,minbar etc).architecutral details(arches,portico,columns,squinches).materials and medium and decoration (texture,orientation,techniques).spaces-overall plan. for each of these pointsresearch historical inspirations and influences. how do you think the architect came up with this particular design? where did he look for inspiration?wasit an individual or a group who came up with final plan? can you identify historical period, examples of buildings, styles ofornament,decoration,architecture that/he/they may have been influenced by? you can point out differences with the original details or are materials anddesigns used in a new (innovative way?)!

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