Shooting a rack of nine ball

In pool there are many things that will entice a feeling of accomplishment, A difficult shot, a great safety play, or a thundering break. Not much compares to the feeling received after running an entire rack of 9-Ball or finishing out a rack with a perfectly planned strategy. In order to play pool at the highest level you must take many things into consideration. It is not to look and hit the ball toward a pocket. In order to play excellent pool you must not just think of one shot at a time, you want to take into account the next shot and the one after that before you even shoot. Before shooting a shot, analyze it and think of what you want to happen after the ball is hit, approach the table with a firm stance lining up your shot and finally when all looks perfect, stroke the cue ball. Only if it were this simple, these are the basic steps you would take before shooting a shot, but in order to fully understand the process you must look much deeper into what must be done. Before actually getting into the shooting process there are some key things that should be explained. First of all, In the game of 9-ball, balls 1-9 are racked in a diamond shape at one end of the table with the 9-ball in the middle and 1-ball in the front. In 9-ball the object is to hit the lowest numbered ball first. As long as the lowest numbered ball on the table is hit first, whatever goes in after that will count and the shooter will shoot again. First person to sink the 9-ball wins. Failure to hit the lowest numbered ball first results in a foul which means your opponent shoots with ball in hand, the same results after a scratch. When a player has ball in hand they may place the cue ball wherever they want on the table. While playing pool you shoot at the cue ball, and shoot at it with the cue stick, sometimes referred to simply as a cue. There is chalk around the table, which is applied to the cue tip in order to provide better contact when st…

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