simon birch

Simon Birch In order to flourish a tree must have strong roots. They are essential in the growth of the tree and without them it will eventually wither away. The same can be said about a person and his roots. Not knowing who you are or where you come from can make things very tough. It can fill your life with a never-ending curiosity and an incredible desire to seek the truth. In the movie Simon Birch, the character of Joe is determined to discover who his father is. Simon Birch not only helps Joe seek this truth, but, in doing so, instills a great deal of faith in him. Simon is a person that possesses an inconceivable amount of faith. The life he was dealt left him with no choice. Just the mere fact that he was alive was a miracle, and he reminded others of it all the time. His parents regarded him as their peculiar little disappointment and faith was one of the only things he had to fall back on (the other being his friendship with Joe). He was sure of two things; 1) God had a plan for everybody, and 2) he was Gods instrument. His plan, he thought, consisted of God making him a hero. When all was said and done, his theory held true in more than one way. After the sudden death of Joes mother, Simon felt obligated to help Joe find his father. The duo would spend their free time trying to guess who this man could be. After a short time this guessing game would prove to be inadequate. Joes desire in pursuing who his father was, was not a game. It was serious business that, in turn, would require some type of investigation. At first they were inclined to believe that Joes father was Mr. Baker, their schools swimming coach. What they did next shows us the unyielding determination of the two. They broke into his office in search of the baseball that killed Joes mother. When their journey failed to provide the desired result, Joe snapped. He threw a trophy through the window, alerting the janitor of their presence….

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