simulation games

Simulation games Simulation Games- To take the appearance or form of; to pretend; To make a model of different types of games. Simulation games have come a long way since they first began a long time ago. Graphics and sound have gotten much better, complexity of the game engine and multiplayer capabilities have also made great leaps. People still wonder if it has actually gotten better or had just changed. Now, 3-D cards and huge program files have become the standard to run the simpler Sims. Since simulation games try to accurately represent or mimic real life situations technology will continue to make them better until we no longer separate fiction from reality. When simulation games first came out they were not that big amongst kids. Though they would try and sneak off into a computer lab and try to play as much as they could. When flight simulation games came out kids were amazed at the fact that they could fly around the sky and have it feel like that they are actually in the plane. The game that really turned games around for the future was Sim City. To build an entire city was a new revolution for what games could be. Today the market of simulation games continues to spread really rapidly. Developers of games seem to come up with new ideas daily. Sim City has advanced the whole gaming market. There have been more islands, towers, colonies, and life built. There has been Sim City 3000 and now they are working on Sim City 4000, which should be released by the year 2000. Other games such as helicopter games have also come along way and are rising rapidly. Gunship launched a lot of helicopter games including its latest version Apache Havoc. This gives the option to fly either American or Russian Choppers. Soon Gunship 3 will come out and Apache Havoc will be just another old game. What we see in the future is very amazing, technology is go…

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