Sinclair?s Writing CenterRead the assigned essay and then write a 1 ? 2 page paper.The paper should contain at least three well though-out and explained arguments about therelevance of the ideas presented in the essay and how those ideas relate to design in the 21st century. The student may agree, disagree (or both) with the concepts, but the arguments need to be fully explained. It is always best to justify/support one?s views with references from the text or other credible resources.All papers need to be in the following format:1. Thesis statement explaining in one or two sentences explaining the context of this paper.2. Body of paper ? write a response to 3 specific, significant ideas Discuss (check for the help you need)ed in the paper.3. Summary/Conclusion ? general review of the paper, do not introduce any new thoughts or information, four to five sentencesGrammar and spelling will be graded. It is suggested that students take advantage of Sinclair?s Writing Center that is located in the Library, Room #07L06. There are also a number of online resources that are available to students. Links to these resources can be found on this webpage: will be based on the following:? Identifies suitable topics and controlling ideas? Develops original and thought provoking topics and controlling ideas? Generates and selects sufficient relevant and logical evidence? Arranges ideas appropriately? Displays correctness in sentence structure, paragraphing, word choices, spelling, and grammar? Incorporates summary, paraphrase, and quotations from sources with own ideas? Cites and documents sources, following rules for specific discipline? Develops response to readings that reflect higher-level thinking skills? Submits work by the start of class 5:30 p.m.Projects may be turned in early (up to the day before due date, before 12:00 mid-night, and yes, you can e-mail the paper) earning 10% in bonus points. However, late projects are notacceptable and will not be graded.Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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