Skills and Knowledge of a Graduate Economist Custom Essay

The graphs and statistics have to be made in excel, please do not download them from the internet.The work as you can see below has to be written as an essay but I put coursework to let you know that i need graphs and everything.BriefingIn the first and second parts of your assignment, you should consider the relevant material, i.e. statistical techniques, theoretical issues etc, covered in the lecture and the seminars on descriptive statistics, correlation/causation and index numbers. Your report should include at least two diagrams, a time-series graph of the commodity food price index and a time series graph of changes in the food price index from year to year. The data for this particular price index is available on the commodity prices website The link to this data is provided here index&months=120.The third part of the assignment should display evidence of wider reading which will be rewarded accordingly.You should consult the reports of international organizations and the blogs and investment analyses of prominent economists and commentators on the world food market. Examples of relevant international organizations include the World Bank, the IMF, the OECD, the U.N. and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). Moreover, this section requires that you apply the skills and knowledge you have acquired from previous modules such as Micro I and Macro I that are required prerequisites for this course in order to identify the main factors driving world food prices.Please note that this is an individual piece of work and thus you must consult the relevant section of the Module Guide regarding plagiarism and syndication.

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