SLA and education

SLA and educationPaper instructions:Don?t take this work if you cannot fulfill those requirements. Professional Education preferred.At least 5 bibliographical sources.Here is the requirements:1. Evidence of planning: completion of topic, annotated bibliography, and first draft on time. Annotated bibliography demonstrates pertinent selections of sources and careful reading; first draft includes all parts of the paper.2. Rationale for literature reviewa. Explain why this literature review is necessary/crucial/valuable nowb. Focus questions (as related to literature)3. Theoretical Frameworks.a. Explain and apply foundational theories related to topic of interestb. Discuss multiple perspectives (and tensions) among theoriesc. Reference and make connections with reading in this course4. Synthesis of relevant studiesa. Main findings & contributionsb. Critique of studies & gaps in the fieldc. Show has the field evolved or shiftedd. Show connections between the studies5. Analysis and critique of existing researchInterpretation/implications for future research6. Implications/importance/applications to teaching & learning SL7. Clear, compelling and coherent writing (proofread, correct grammar and usage)8. Use APA format, including an appropriately cited list of references!

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