slavery in maryland

slavery in maryland The end of the war brought a spirit of hope to the people in the country. The state of Maryland responded with new projects and reform throughout the state. Along with the political and social reforms came reform in agriculture, one of Maryland’s main economic resources. However, agriculture is closely tied with slavery. The slavery system at this time grew more humane in comparison with the previous eras (235). With a seemingly more lenient system, Maryland earned its reputation as having a mildly abusive system. This doesn’t mean that abuse didn’t occur. Those enchained under the system in Maryland still suffered physical, mental, and even sexual abuses. Although slavery may have seemed like a part of a political program to help the economics of the state, the reality of it is abuse and suffering. Overall, Maryland did live up to its reputation of a middle temperament state in terms of slavery. “Maryland law limited the master to ten lashes, prohibited him from abusing slaves, and required him to supply blackswith adequate food, clothing, shelter, and rest” (236). However, limited abuse does not equate to absence of abuse. There were many shocking accounts of brutal physical abuse in the state. One slave recalls his master who considered “whipping as essential to the good of the soul as the body” (237). It was the only method of control and authority that the owners had over their slaves. In one incidence, there was a master who forced an old woman to stay outside and search for the sheep that she had lost. She was later found frozen to death outside (236). The masters were often insensitive to the humanness of the slaves. There was another account of “a southern Maryland master who would walk behind slaves as they picked tobacco worms and make them eat any they had missed” (236). There was a witness who described “the seven blacks who took turns standing at the bow breaking river ice…

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