Smokers People often become addicted to smoking because they have been brainwashed into believing they receive some sort of benefit or crutch from smoking. Every smoker becomes brainwashed in his or her own individual way. There are many ways to subdivide smokers into various groups such as; women smokers, casual smokers and ex-smokers. These three fall under my own personal classification. I use these particular ones because I find that I encounter them the most, thus I know their reasoning and why they choose whether or not to smoke cigarettes. I picked women as a more prominent group over men smokers, as it is a fact that in Britain and many western countries, women smokers now outnumber the men. It is particularly disturbing to note how many teenage girls are hooked compared to men, it is important to us find out why this is. Various reasons have been put forward by some experts as to the reason why. History states that smoking cigarettes was not considered lady like; there were more male smokers. Some experts maintain that the change is due to the women’s liberation movement. However, I do not believe one smoker becomes a smoker for just any one reason, but perhaps the women lib movement did indirectly help why there is an increase in the number of women smokers. Women are not necessarily trying to show their masculinity but perhaps because of other newfound rights and freedom it has created more stress in women’s lives. One of the main myths and illusions of smoking is that it relieves stress. Many women executives are now holding down traditionally men’s jobs and feel they have to do the job ten times better to be accepted. Many women today, in addition to the stress of having to compete with the male, still have the genuine stress of child bearing, motherhood, keeping there house clean, feeding and clothing their children. The reason there are generally more women smokers than men is because they have more stress in…

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