social responsibility

docx with 1.1 1.2 2 3.1 3.2 are lectures, you just need to go over it to know about the course. aad_252_final.docx contains the artworks you can choice. The rest are readings from each section of the lecture, you do not need to read all of them but to finish the paper you need to cite 3 of them(from different sections) and one reference you find one other reference online. BRIEF OUTLINE OF SUGGESTED STEPS TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT: 1) Visit a site where you can find original artwork. The goal is for you to experience original artwork, not reproductions. Ideally, you will go to a physical space and interact with the artwork in some way. If you are unable to physically go to a space to view art, please contact me so we may Discuss (check for the help you need) alternatives for you. (You do not need to do this, I already take a tour, the artworks are in aad_252_final.docx) 2) Choose an artist/artwork (or several if it is a theme show) or juxtapose two differing artists/artworks whose art you think would make a good subject for a gender critique. It?s important for you to choose an artwork or artist whose work lends itself to this type of questioning strategy so that you will have plenty of material with which to work. An ideal situation would be to interview the artist. 3) Taking what you wrote in the worksheet, apply the themes, readings, Discuss (check for the help you need)ions, etc. from this course to construct an essay around the work. It could deal with male or female imagery, the artist?s intent, the process or style of making the art, the subject matter, the context for viewing, etc. It should not focus on the difference between nudity and nakedness. If you choose to explore these topics, it should be very significant to your reading, i.e. analysis and interpretation, of the work. Allow the details of the work to bring out the analysis and interpretation around questions for gender and art. Decode it and encode it to make the meaning. 4) Research your selected artist, artwork, and gender issues within the artwork you selected that will further support and assist the development of your analysis and interpretation of this work. Follow suggestions from the research focus that Barnet offers. Complete and submit the final version of your essay based on the artwork you selected; feedback on your worksheet questions and ideas; insights you have had since that time; and additional research that you have completed about the artist(s), critics reviews of the artwork, critics Discuss (check for the help you need)ions of the gender issues portrayed in the artwork, and other related, specific sources. 5) Write an approximately 4-5 page essay that includes at minimum: 1.An introduction 2.Detailed, specific descriptions of the artwork and where you found it (include a sketch or photo of the work) 3.An analysis of the art in relation to class themes, readings, lectures, and Discuss (check for the help you need)ions (Include AT LEAST four specific supporting references. Cite all sources used for ideas. Please see the syllabus and ?Course Information? link for further information and guidelines on academic honesty.) The analysis should draw directly and immediately from what the image tells you through details such as composition, scale, line, color, movement, and the like. Apply descriptions of details in the artwork to build your analysis and interpretations. 4.Your personal opinion/argument (this should flow with the analysis and apply the selected readings and related sources as supporting and/or guiding evidence) 5.A conclusion 1. Management has a responsibility to increase profitability for shareholders. (Note: The answers here, in Question 1, are your opinion only. There are no correct answers.) Does this justify their company paying extremely low wages to employees? 2. Explain the 3 approaches to social responsibility using concepts from the text.

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