Socrates: A Great Philosopher Kimberly Whitaker Honors Survey of World History: HONR 1151 Dr. Veula J. Rhodes, Instructor Albany State University November 22, 1999 Foreword Thesis: Exploring Socrates and his philosophies give the seeker a new understanding of the life and society in which Socrates lived. With this new understanding, one can compare or contrast other views of the period. In doing this, the researcher is provided with a map of ideas and philosophies throughout history. This map can be used to enhance our present understanding of past cultures. I. Introduction II. The early life of Socrates III. Problem of Socrates IV. Philosophical ideas and techniques A. Universal definitions B. Inductive arguments C. Socratic method V. The trial and death of Socrates VI. Conclusion Socrates insight added to the wealth of Ancient Greece. He studied human nature like no other philosopher. For these reasons, he and his philosophies should be remembered. Socrates is considered amongst the greatest philosophers in history. His life was short, yet meaningful, and productive. His teachings have survived through the dialogues, memoirs, and plays of other Greek writers (e.g. Plato, Aristotle, Xenophon, and Aristophanes). These writings are studied to paint a clearer picture of Socrates. His most famous method of observation, the Socratic dialogue or dialect, was unique. He explored human nature through tedious examination and studied people in a way never done before. Socrates was born around 470 B.C.E. in the Greek city-state of Athens. His parents were Sophroniscus and Phaenarete. His wife was named Xanthippe; together they had three sons. According to one source, Xanthippe was considered ill-tempered and difficult to live with. Even though he didnt come from a poor family, it is known that he was very poor. This was d…

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