Soujourner Truth

In an ever changing world , the evolution of man has been the most drastic in terms of technological, environmental, and emotional advancement. With great expansions in the various areas mentioned earlier the human being has ignored the very entity of there existence, and the power of reasoning, the ability to comprehend right from wrong without distortion. The Narrative of Sojourner Truth illustrates the hardships that were endured: enslavement, illiteracy, underclassing, brutal assaults, and murders. The African -American women were classed as third rate in the human scale that was implemented by the slaveowners; categorized under the whites, then under the African-American males. The African-American women were kept in good standing for the convenience of child bearing. Overburdened with the trials and tribulations of slavery Sojourner Truth was able to prosper with spiritual beliefs. Sojourner Truth’s stability was made possible by a strong belief in the Holy Spirit. God was the major source of guidance, and willpower from the commencement of the slave trade until the emancipation of slavery. Slavery was orchestrated on a mass scale and caused the separation of many families in order to ensure that slaves would remain with there respective masters. Subservience to the slaveowners was considered to be sacred. Slaves were mentally programmed to believe there masters were gods. The wives of the slaveowners were seen as goddess’s ,with there prime intent on down playing the daily work done by the African-American women. This was evident with Sojourner’s first slave mistress, the continuos work routine that was endure by Sojourner, was difficult for males to accomplished. the slaves loyal to there masters. Ignorance of the slaves was a pivotal point in terms of loyalty. Considering slave knowledge was limited, in terms of the genetic appearance, beliefs, and language; slaveowners could use this in a …

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