Who was Spartacus and what was his influence on Roman civilization? Both these questions and more will be answered in our report. Spartacus was born and eventually sold into slavery. He was born in the Roman city of Thrace. There he joined and later deserted the ever powerful army of Rome. Little did he know that what was once his home army would turn to be the army threatening to kill him and his followers. In 71 B.C., after being caught as a deserter of the Roman army, he was sold as a slave to a gladiator trainer in Capua. He was then, trained as a gladiator for the spectators at coliseums. He was trained well and soon escaped from the tight grip of slavery. In 73 B.C., he and his fellow gladiator trainees escaped to the safety of the fabled Mount Vesuvius. There, he and his small group of followers met up with thousands of runaway slaves like themselves. The slaves had all gathered to mount one of the bloodiest, largest rebellions in all of time. As Spartacus as the leader, the rebel force in and around the mountain prepared themselves for war. This rebel uprising in southern Italy was later known as the Third Servile war, also known as the Gladiators war. Spartacuss forces soon advanced and plundered miles of land. In this time, they were met by two Roman armies and destroyed them both. The rebels forces soon overran all of southern Italy and looked like a formidable opponent for the Roman Empire. Spartacus quickly moved into the Cisalpine Gaul region, which was south of their previous position, and soon enough had defeated three Roman armies. Spartacuss armies decided to remain in Italy for the sake of plunder and marched even farther south. Spartacus had taken them here so that their armies would disperse and the soldiers could return home. Unfortunately many men did not return and they decided to stay and plunder the area. Once again they were met by the Roman armie…

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