Speaker Critique Paper;

The purpose of this assignment is:1). To observe a public speaker and apply the principles from the course to a live speaking situation.Find a public speaking event in your community to attend (you must be a member of the ?live? audience ? this cannot be a broadcast or videotape). Newspapers generally list events that willhave speakers. In the past, students have been able to attend a live public speaking event at church (sermons, seminars), on campus (a guest speaker), at the public library (authors, experts), at alocal bookstore (author book-signing or public lecture), at work (seminar, sales meeting with motivational speaker), at a local Toastmasters International chapter, in their neighborhoods (homeshow, homeowner?s association meeting), at local city or county government buildings (viewing a court case, attending a city council meeting) or at their children?s schools (PTA, scouts, etc.).Attend the speech and be sure to take a notebook to jot down your immediate impressions of the speaker, the message, the method, the audience reaction and the environment.Write your ?Speech Critique? paper using full sentences and complete paragraphs on each of the following elements of the speech (use examples from the actual speech when applicable).1) The time, place, location and the reason for the speech.2) A one paragraph summary of the remarks.3) The message strategies the speaker used (content organization, thesis, preview, transitions, etc.).4) The delivery strategies the speaker used (eye contact, movement, vocal variation, gestures, etc.).5) The observable reactions of audience members.6) The overall ?climate? of the event ? before, during, and after the speech.7) The ways the speaker could have improved his/her speech.8) What you learned about public speaking from the presentation and how you will apply it to your next speech.Please note: I only want one paragraph of this paper to summarize the content of the speech. This is not a ?report? about the content of the speech. Rather, it is an evaluation of the speaker?sperformance.Your 3-5 page paper should follow the format of a college essay (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1? margins) and should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. The paper must besubmitted as a .doc (Word Document), .txt (text only file) or .rtf (rich text format file). Any other file types submitted will not be graded.!

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