World War Two While World War One was considered the war to end all wars, World War Two made men out of countries that were formerly boys. Darwin’s evolutionary theory proved true in the world of global politics, the strong did survive and move on to fight a cold war, while the weak either took a back seat to the stronger countries rise to power or came back to make billions in the personal electronics industry. The United States, still suffering form the after effects of World War One, did not want to enter the war, but to profit from it by staying neutral and providing the weapons of war to the other countries involved in the war. Of course on December 7,1941 all of that changed. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor hoping to destroy any chance for future US involvement. This error in judgement secured America’s involvement and unbalanced the power structure of the war. As the American’s began the to prepare for war, the minds of the American political leaders also began to do some overtime. A propaganda campaign was begun. Americans were urged to invest in US Savings Bonds to strengthen the national economy, the war was made to seem patriotic, and the enemy was even made to appear as the devil incarnate, or even rounded up and put into prison type establishment based solely on their heritage. So, of course, when you ask a person born and raised in this era if World War Two was necessary the answer will be a yes. Looking at the war now the answer may still be the same, but the reasoning may be different. Still the answer from a veteran of that war will be a “hell yes, and I would do it again or die trying if I have too” or at least that is what one veteran told me. World War Two was a growing experience for America, and the world. Everyone realized that in order to keep the world going there would have to be unity amongst the populous. That it’s a small world and no people need be distant, nor distanced, fr…

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