St Paul

1. (25 Points) Discuss Pauls background, conversion and some of his views/teachings that may have made him different than the Apostles in Jerusalem. The Apostle Pauls background is actually quite interesting. Paul was born the son of a Pharisee, who believed strongly in the resurrection. Paul, like his father, also grew up to be a Pharisee. Paul believed very strongly in the Law of God and the importance of obeying the Law of God, as did most of the Pharisees. Paul was a descendent from the Tribe of Benjamin and was also a citizen of Rome. Pauls life was very heavily influenced by the Greek culture. Paul also had sister and a nephew, who were Christians and became followers of Paul. Paul made his living by making tents, as he was highly educated in this field. Paul studied religion under the Pharisee teacher, Gamaliel, and Gamaliels thoughts and his knowledge helped to form the thoughts of Paul. There is also a possibility that Paul was a member of the Sanhedrin because he makes it clear in Acts that he is a Pharisee of Pharisees or in other words, a leader of the Jews. This idea, however, brings about another mystery concerning Paul, which is whether or not he was ever married. In order to be a member of the Sanhedrin, a man had to have a wife, but Paul never once mentions ever having a wife and as a matter of fact he always comes across as being completely against marriage. So the question arises, was Paul married at some point in his life? Paul was a persecutor of the early church and it is possible that he was even present at the crucifixion of Jesus. Paul was also present during the stoning of Stephen and was completely against all whom claimed to be Christians. Because of this Paul later felt that he had sinned more than any one ever could. It was not until at least two to four years after the resurrection of Christ the Paul converted to Christianity. Pauls conversion start…

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