Staff Development

Ms. Sippy Delta has just been promoted to manager of health information services at Happy Trails Health Center. Ateam of physicians, administrators, and department heads has decided to transform the culture of the organizationinto a quality-driven, patient-centered environment. Health information is stored digitally on optical disk byscanning paper documents. The patient-centered-care project calls for a completely electronic health record, withdata coming from various sources throughout the organization. Health informa-tion services will manage the centraldata repository. Delta is committed to this innovative approach but is concerned about how to communicate thechanges to staff and how the new system will affect the department?s operations.What factors should Delta address in implementing this major organizational change?What obstacles is Ms. Delta likely to face as a department manager in taking on this project?How can adopting a systems view of human resource management assist the managers responsible for implementing thismajor change?

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