Statistical Methods

Statistical MethodsFind and review in a two-page paper a professional journal article in the discipline of your choice that uses a statistical study as the basis of the article. It is recommended that you view the Library Electronic Field Trip. Include these elements in your review of the article:1. What was the intention of the study?2. Is the study descriptive and/or inferential?3. What were the variables used in the study?4. Describe the population being studied and list common characteristics.5. Describe and identify the methods used to collect the sample data.6. Identify which statistical methods were used to analyze the data (discuss descriptive and inferential analysis techniques).7. Summarize the study?s conclusions.8. Do you agree or disagree with the conclusions? Why or why not?9. Please use proper citation (either MLA or APA). For assistance with the MLA or APA format you can either click on the link for the ACCC Library found on the homepage of this course or go directly to Strategy:The best database for this assignment is EBSCOhost, as the search software can be set to access only professional journals that contain statistical studies.! Category: Assignments

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