Statistics Project

EPIDEMIOLOGIC CRITIQUE of a scientific literature.Project descriptionThis is an epidemiologic critique. just critique the study do not copy the study. find any scientific study published in a scientific literature and critique it according to epidemiology standards. MAKE SURE YOU USE TERMS LIKE THE NULL HYPOTHESIS WHAT KIND OF EPIDEMIOLOGIC STUDY THE ARTICLE IS, FIND THINGS LIKE CONFOUNDERS, BIAS, STATS, TYPE 1 OR 2 ERROR, IF SAMPLE SIZE IS APPROPRIATE, AND ETC. i have uploaded the guidlines please pay attention to it and follow the guidlines. I HAVE ALSO UPLOADED A SAMPLE CRITIQUE THAT RECIEVED A GOOD GRADE WITH THE PROFFESSORS COMMENTS, PLEASE USE THAT AS YOUR GUIDLINES AND READ IT CAREFULLY THIS PPROJECT IS REALLY IMPORTANT.Grading Guidelines for Epi PaperThe paper is worth a maximum of 20 points. It is due by noon on 5 Feb 2014. Please hand me a written paper.You will be graded on the following:CRITERIA MAX PTSGrammar/spelling/punctuation 2Assessment of hypothesis 4Fit of study design/statistics for given hypothesis 6Critique of methodology (confounders, bias, stats, etc.) 5Appropriateness of conclusion 3TOTAL 20You may select ANY scientific study published in the scientific literature. I do not need a copy of the study. You are writing an objective EPIDEMIOLOGIC CRITIQUE of the study that is being reported in the paper, determining if the authors? analysis and conclusions are valid, and stating whether you would accept or reject their recommendations.As you move through your training, you will be asked to make presentations such as this in ?Journal Clubs? for your residency, and, in clinical practice, you will make clinical decisions for your patients based on your assessment of the current literature.This is your first opportunity to apply the concepts you are learning in this class, and practice what will become an essential part of your daily patient care.

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