Strange Desings

In the poem Design, by Robert Frost, the speaker tries to convey a message of some protruding evil that occurs in everyday life. The poem is designed to make the reader see different signs of small evils in our lives. Then the poet brings all the information about evil together to pose his master point, that there is an evil design that hangs in and is part of our everyday world. This evil deign is in everything we know, for it is a force of nature just like many other things. Just as every piece of matter is made up of atoms, our world and life are made up of parts of evil that sometimes manifest themselves for no reason accept that there is evil and that evil manifests itself during life. The speaker of this poem starts the poem out with a contrast. He is looking at a dimpled spider, fat and white, on a white heal-all, holding up a moth(1-2). First above all people usually expect spiders to be black, so the fact that the author describes a white spider is a bit peculiar. White usually stands for something virtuous and pure, not evil or deadly. But so far the image that we have is this white spider on the white heal-all plant. Then the speaker gives us another image on the heal-all, the dangling moth that is the spiders newest prey. The speaker offsets the image of a moth with a comma to first convey the image of the almost cute spider (fat, dimpled, and white) on a plant called a heal-all. Then he destroys that image by showing the reader the whole scene (the – 1 -dangling moth), but not until the comma. Therefore the speaker was deliberately trying -Mandelbaum p.2- to show the reader that things are not as they appear for the once friendly looking spider we now know to be deadly. In the third line the poem sets up a simile of the moth dangling like a white piece of rigid satin cloth. Once again the speaker is playing on our subconscious definition of the term white. By describing the mo…

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