strategic management

An analytical framework is a path through which the analysis findings could bestructured and compared to come to a conclusion in a given market. According to Carrefour?s, aFrench international chain of companies, their ventures in Russia can be evaluated in a numberof analytical frameworks. The first key framework is global completive strategy otherwiseknown as star analysis. This strategy is used to evaluate what key Discuss (check for the help you need)ions and case analysisthat will be used in making this analysis. This star analysis is used to make the firm be aware ofthe ways they will use to organize their thoughts and knowledge about geography andinternational business. The star analysis also provides information for international businessmanager to develop a competitive strategy. This global completive strategy relates to how thecompletive advantage of an international firm depends on five major factors. The home countrywhich in this case is France determines whether the particular chain of grocery stores will dowell, in Russia the business initially did not do well as there were other firms already undertaking the particular trade. The supplier country was also France with few commodities comingfrom Russia. The country is not good at producing some of the required foods hence need forimportation, Carrefour has the advantage to venture into this market and be able to survive.There is a big opportunity for the firm to make some opportunity when it taps into imports of thatare basic needs. Customer?s country should also be used in the global competitive strategy; thisis used to evaluate the needs of the customers in a particular country. The Russian country hashigh population and thus high demand for food stuffs.Experts atmidcoursecan help you with this and more. Visit our website today to order for this and more essays.

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