Strategic Management

Strategic ManagementAnalyse Amazon?s strategic position, and use this analysis to evaluate the suitability of Amazon?s corporate strategy. Including supporting, charts, diagrams and tables.Writing guidelines:1. You need to conduct research into the company, its strategy, and its environment.2. You have to choose a time frame to focus on. For example, from 2005-20123. You should focus on the corporate level strategy. However, you can mention business level strategy if this serves your argument.In order to evaluate the strategy, you first have to describe what the strategy is. To describe the strategy, you should use the information that you get on their particular activities, but you should also analyse their activities in more depth by using strategy concepts, such as the Ansoff matrix, the strategy clock, or Porters generic strategy options. Please note that you do not have to use all of these concepts and you can use other strategy concepts instead.4. The evaluation with regard to suitability is particularly demanding, as it requires you to come to your own judgement. You should use only the criterion of ?�suitability? for your evaluation, not other criteria such as feasibility. Please provide a definition of suitability in your text. To examine suitability, you will have to analyse the strategic position, i.e. Amazon?s environment, capabilities, and stakeholder expectations. For this purpose, you have to use theoretical concepts and analytical tools (e.g. SWOT or PESTEL or value chain analysis).!

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