Street Soldier

Street Soldier Street Soldier, by Joseph Marshall, is a inspiring well written book. The book is about his life and how he started the Omega Boys Club. The Omega Boys Club is a club that helps keep inter city kids off the streets. There is a connection between the author’s life and certain events in the novel. For example his personality traits, his special skills, what he has done for society, and what his day-to-day existence has done for other people, you will also see how his work has greatly effected him. Joseph has many good personal traits he is ambitious, he is a hard worker, and he doesn’t give up easily. For instance, in the novel he is talking about how he is a teacher and how he devoted all his extracurricular time to his class. For an example take this quote, “I practically lived at that school, devoting most of my extra curricular time to the BSU”(pg. 33). The quote shows how hard he works and how dedicated he is to what he does. Marshall is a teacher at the SFU (San Francisco Unified School District). In the quote above it mentions the BSU (Black Student Union) which is an organization for black students at the University of San Francisco. Marshall is an ambitious person Marshall sees great plans for the future and he is ambitious enough to make them come true. For an example “Jack, we’ve got to do it. We’ve got to do it now” (pg. 46). In the quote he is talking about starting the Omega Boys Club and how he is going to do it. He is going to start the Omega Boys Club, and his attitude is that,” nothing is going to stop me, so are you with me or not?” These are just some of the characteristics that Marshall has, but his strongest character is that he doesn’t give up. Marshall doesn’t give up he can’t it is not in his nature. For example ‘”Naw,” I shot back. ‘Not Roynell. Can’t be. I’m going to go see him. Just talk to him a bit”‘(pg. 46). This quote is talking about a kid that Marshall spent a …

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