strenuous life

In the late 1800s, Theodore Roosevelt became well known for delivering popular speeches. One of the main topics that Roosevelt preached was the strenuous life. His philosophy of the strenuous life was that one should earn things from working for them. Roosevelt taught that the highest form of success comes from those who work the hardest and demonstrate the most efforts. Having the satisfaction of knowing that you worked laboriously for something, and in return have a rewarding result, that is the strenuous life. But, is Roosevelt’s philosophy of the strenuous life still applicable today? August 13, 1999 marked an important day in my life. On the 13th, I turned 17 and passed my driving test. After having spent lots of time thinking about it, I decided that since I had this new responsibility, I should use it to my advantage. Now that I could commute and commit myself, I decided to start to search for my first job. The first place that I had applied to, Allure Hair Designers, hired me as their receptionist. I knew that things in my life were about to change. At the end of my first week of work, I received my first paycheck. I went home from work that day, and sat in bedroom all night thinking of what I should do with this money. Before this, the thought of budgeting money had never really occurred to me because I knew that I was always able to depend on my parents for financial support. However, I decided that things would be different now. I use my first paycheck to take my parents out for a nice dinner at their favorite restaurant. This restaurant is not personally one of my favorites, but for all that they have done for me, it was the least I could do. When the bill came, I paid for it, without hesitating. As I waited for the waiter to bring me my change, I realized that this was the best meal that I had ever had. The reason for this was not because the food was prepared especially well, but rather because…

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