STRESS IN COLLEGE Everybody experiences stress in their lives. There are many stressors in college that start with college work. College is a big source of stress for variety of reasons, and poor planning often leads to crisis situations.The stress of every day life in college shows itself in different ways: the expectations of making an A in every course, the fear of doing poorly on tests, and worrying about failing. However, as stress becomes more serious , we often begin to develop troublesome symptoms in which we worry about. We are under stress if we have one or several of the many symptoms caused by stress, including: backaches, stomachaches, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, depression, anger, anxiety, forgetfulness or the inability to make decisions. We often feel that we are under stress — and many times we are. The most frequent cause of stress in college is the concern about academic performence and everything that goes with it, for example such as grades and exams. Some students strive for perfection in their academic performence. But, by working very hard late at night, and by skipping meals to study. The yield of this consists of constant headaches and backaches, and getting really depressed because the student could never reach their goals of perfection. Dr. Hans Selye describes stress as a side effect produced by any situation to which you respond in any way. It is the nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it. The demand may be pleasant or unpleasant, or damaging. The damaging type of stress is called distress. Within our body, when the arterial pressure falls, the pressure usually also falls in most of the blood storage areas such as veins, liver and the lungs. Consequently, a rise in arterial pressure is directly proportional to a rise in those same storage areas . This phenomen is called “Stress-Relaxation”. In other areas, such as in the smooth muscle, stress relaxations has t…

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