Many objects and people these days have the ability to be compared and contrasted. For example, compare and contrast a dog and cat. A dog is most commonly a house pet, like a cat. But a dog has more ability to be trained, unlike the cat. It is not the subject of comparing a dog and a cat. This is the time where we compare the writing of a well-known Malcolm X to a college professor named Wilson Class. We will start with comparing Malcolm and Wilson. Something that they both have in common is that they both are smart and creative. For example, Malcolm shows his creativity and power with his speeches towards the black people to follow him in the right for freedom. Class has a totally different way of going about it. With only the power of a small student body, Class preaches the English language and how it should be written. Another way that the two are alike is that they are both fighting for what they believe in. While Malcolm is trying to fight for freedom, Class is trying to get students to the next level of the English language. They both have a destination to reach by a certain point. Malcolm needed the help of the other people to get the path he wanted for his fellow people. With out the support of his race he would not of been the person to reduce racism. Where Class has the attention of a group of students trying to learn the English language. When most people think of the person, Malcolm X, they think of person who was self educated and brought equal rights for his people. When the name, Wilson Class, comes to mind most people have no clue who he is. These are two people that have influenced a reader by the writing they had published. In the story A Homemade Education, Malcolm X talks about his homemade education. In the very beginning, he explains his frustration with not being able to express the words he wanted to convey in writing a letter. In the story I Wrote a Letter to Myself…

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