strong government

Why is it Important for a Country to have a Strong National Government? Looking at governments of countries that are or were weak and what happened to those countries can best emphasize the importance of a strong national government. For example, because the government of Germany was weak after World War I, there was an opportunity for the Nazis to take control. A madman like Adolph Hitler and the other members of the dictatorship he established were easily able to take over the country. Another example of a government that was weakened and then overthrown is Russia. When the people questioned the Czars authority and the government was weakened, it was a perfect chance for the Bolsheviks and later the Communists to take over. With the recent controversy over who is going to be President of the United States, it would seem that our government might be in danger. This is not the case since we have a strong national government based on checks and balances. Our government has faced worse problems than whether Mr. Bush or Mr. Gore will be President. For example, when President John Kennedy was killed in 1963, Vice President Lyndon Johnson immediately became President. Seventy-one-year old John McCormick, Speaker of the House and after him, Carl Hayden age eighty-six were the next two men in line for the Presidency after Lyndon Johnson. Even though the two men in line for the Presidency after Johnson were quite elderly, the line of succession would probably never have reached further than the Speaker of the House since as soon as the Speaker resigned to become President a new Speaker of the House would be chosen. Our strong national government saved our country in this situation. Our country made it through the tragedy of the Kennedy assassination and other challenges because of our strong Constitution that provided for succession to the Presidency. Countries like Cuba, Biafra, and even the Philippines have either been…

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