Students are to use this outline to analyze the case. The outline is to include all the sections and headers. Headers are to be BOLD and placed left margin. The analysis is type written, double spaced, number pages, and 12 point font. Cover page is to include your name, name of school and course, date, and professor?s name. Submit one copy to the professor.Case study questions are to be answered and attached to the analysis. Number and restate the questions. Answer the questions in paragraph form. Questions are located on Blackboard in Course Documents.Background/Situation: What are the specifics of the background? What are the specifics of the situation? What might be some areas that are unclear?Key Individuals: Who are all the key individuals in the case? What are their backgrounds? What role do they play? What is their relationship with the other key individuals in the case? What are your observations about these individuals? What do the individuals have to do with the situation and/or problems in the case?Issues/Problems: What are the issues and problems in the case? Who is responsible? What is the significance of the issues/problems in the case? Are there subliminal issues/problems? In your opinion what other issues/problems might arise?Causes: What are the causes of the issues/problems? Who is causing the issues/problems? What evidence do you have to support that the causes are real?Decisions/Alternatives: What decisions are to be made to correct the issues/problems? What criteria are you recommending for making these decisions? What are the alternatives to these decisions? What?s at stake in the decision(s)? How would you implement the decisions you are recommending?Conclusions/Recommendations: What are your conclusions about this case? What recommendations would you make? What would you have done differently?CASE QUESTIONS:1. Should Joan intervene in Clarion?s political culture? Explain your rational using supportive information.2. ?Engaged citizens are more likely to be engaged employees, and people involved in causes outside of work feel more empowered and optimistic at work?.How would you interpret this statement? How does this behavior affect these Organizational Behavior areas: (1) Culture, (2) Leadership, (3) Managing (4) Conflict, (5) Motivation & Engagement?3. The e-mail exchange ? and the potential for more like it ? may not endanger Clarion legally, but it does endanger productivity. Does Joan have legal latitude to come down on employees who are abusing e-mail? What do you think Joan should do? Explain your rational using supportive information.

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