study on judges

Study on Judges: 1. What are the major findings with regards to the impact of race in each area of study? Finding on this studies have been a major impact on Judges due to minority judges have been well looked at through the eyes of the world. Progress has been made in appointing minorities to the federal bench and nearly three out of four minorities are confirmed. 2. How has the policy of affirmative action helped in accomplishing the application of the goals of Justice and equality? Despite the progress that has been made in recent decades particularly with civil right laws and court decisions, most of the problems still persist. Supporters of initiative action who were opposed to an affirmative action wanted similar words to be used in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Words to be included were discrimination, and preferential treatment. In the affirmative action there is a need of overt racism. Such remedies are still required to provide equal access for all. 3. What are the recommendations given by the ABA study group? To understand one another is required that we go through a generation of education. Even though we have overcome some of the shortfalls of the past dealing with racial justice we need to work ourselves to insure mutual respect be carried out among all citizens. 4. What are the conclusions drawn from this study? Today we can bring all our thoughts together in order to unite and to promote righteous Judgment, equal justice, and fairness. Most of our associations represent a powerful force to transform injustice into justice for all. …

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