Sudan is the largest country in Africa, and is one of the poorest. It is located in the northeastern part of the continent. It is mainly made up of two regional groups: an Arab African group in the north and the Nilotes in the south. It’s major ethnic groups of the north are the Kababish, a camel raising people; the Jaalin and Saiqiyya, who live along rivers ; the Nubians, who live along the northern Nile; the Nuba of the Kordufan Plateau; and the Fur in the west. In the south there is the Dinka, Anuak, Nuer, and Shilluck. The official language of Sudan is Arabic. Its religious breakdown is 73% Islamic, 17%, and 8% is Christian. The region lying south of the Sudan are without recorded history until the 19th century. In the northern regions known as Nubia, Egyptian economic and political ties can be dated back as far as 2750 B.C. The Nuba’s, who are the black Africans who’s homeland is Nubia, did not practice Christianity until about 500 B.C. The Arab conquer of the North Africa turned Egypt into a Mohammedan country, did not have the same affect in Nubia, the Muslims, though they frequently raided the country unable to hold it. Meanwhile Arabs of the Beni Omayya tribe had to begun to cross the Red Sea, and settled near the Blue Nile. More people from the same tribe continued to come over and intermarried with the black races of Nubia. Arab influence over the Nubas was starting, and more and more Nubas were practicing Islamic religions. By the 15th century the Arabized Negro race known as the Fung, during that century had extended their rule over Nubia to the northern border of Sudan. This kingdom lasted into the 19th century. The Fung kingdom was overthrown by Egyptian forces, ordered by Mohhamed Ali. His main motive was to gain possession of the gold and precious stone mines that he thought were in Sudan. Having conquered Sudan the Egyptians set up a civil government, placing at the head a governor gener…

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