Summary on Military Technnology

Summary Virtual soldiers is basically an effort by Hollywood to help the military produce better soldiers. Yesterday, special effects experts at the University of Southern Cal, were asked to develop a computerized program designed to train soldiers in virtual reality. The simulated real life programs will include battle scenarios, primers on topography and culture of military destinations, and even simulations in which troops en route to combat zones might wear virtual-reality helmets to train for an upcoming mission. Compared to the entertainment industry side of special effects and computer-generated graphics, the military has a lot of ground to cover before attaining the same level of technology. The soldiers train in a simulator that measures 6 feet by 4 feet, but entertainment technology might help reduce the size. By working with each other, the military and the entertainment industry will be able to share ideas and in turn create new ideas. This interaction will hopefully lead to more true-to-life story lines, giving troops valuable battle-like experiences before exposing them to the real thing. Bibliography Dallas Morning News by Jim Aikins …

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