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summary .complete a one-paragraph summary of the article?s content as a follow-up to your reading. Then write a separate paragraph responding to that content Neutronic Ear has helped meBefore reading the passage, please do the following: 6 ? Go to the file called pre-reading activity and anwer the questions. For 7 this activity, there is no ri ght or wrong answer. The activity is designed to 8 get you to think about the topic, and to use information you may already 9 have to help you understand the reading. 10 ? When you have completed the pre ? reading activity, you may return to 11 this document to re ad the grammar note and the vocabulary explanations 12 before you read the passage. 13 14 Please read the grammar note and the vocabulary or expressions information 15 carefully before reading the passage. 16 17 Grammar Note: All written work is directed to a specific audience, that is, those who will read the work. The intended audience often makes a great difference in the choice of words, the way the author addresses the readers, and the way the author manipulates the reader to do something or think something in res ponse In this article, you will find the advertisement has a specific audience, in this case, older people who may want or need some help with their hearing as they age, and as most advertisements do, it is directed at YOU, second person singular and plur al. Even though the product is a technological device, there is no technical language in any of the advertisement?s wording. Each paragraph is straightforward: The first, an anecdote; the second, description of the product; the third, the process of hea ring enhancement; and last, the inexpensive price and money ? back guarantee. The last words urge action. 18 19 Some expressions you may not immediately recognize Expression or Vocabulary item Meaning Get back in the game To return to previous activities Lauren Bacall voice: A low and slow female voice, unique to the actress Lauren Bacall:

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