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Introduction Write an Introduction to the assessor (sometimes this is the last thing you write although it is the first thing the assessor will read. It could be a summary of your work). You need to: identify the purpose of this portfolio and the contents explain why this portfolio was created 2. SET UP A STRUCTURE USING GOALS OR THEMES Table of Contents in Google Sites with links to individual pages created for each goal/theme. 3. CREATE A PAGE FOR EACH SECTION 4. UPLOAD ITEMS OR PIECES OF WORK AND CREATE HYPERLINKS Add the items or pieces of your workSus Portfolio to the appropriate page in the portfolio. Hyperlinks can be created to open these files in another window. 5. REFLECTION ON EACH ITEM Write a brief reflection on each item or piece of work and explain why the item was included in this portfolio. 6. WRITE A REFLECTION: UNIT 2 TO UNIT 5 Provide an example of your best and challenging work from each unit. Explain why you regard the sample as your best work and also why it was challenging. Comment on your discussion forums and suggest ways in which we can improve on this online module. Write a reflection on the role of a professional teacher. Provide pictures illustrations or any other images to support your point. 6. WRITE A PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION FOCUSING ON TEACHING You have been developing and accumulating information for this section since the beginning of this module. It is now time to put all your thoughts together and to reflect on what you have learnt. You are now in a position to develop your own philosophy of education and teaching in particular. Your statement should be included in your portfolio. 7. Publish your online portfolio Publish your portfolio for final assessment. Your portfolio will be assessed by your tutor and moderated by the program coordinator/manager. Make sure you submit a professional and reflective portfolio as we would like to learn from you.”

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