Sustainability in Project Management Practices

Sustainability in Project Management PracticesSustainability is recognized as one of the most important challenges of our time. Following the success of Al Gore?s ?inconvenient truth?, awarenessseems to be growing that a change of mindset is needed, both in behavior as in policies. How can we develop prosperity without compromising thefuture? The concept of sustainability has also been linked to project management. How can projects add to sustainable development?, but also, whatdoes sustainability mean for projects and project management?Assignment DetailsTask:Write a report which appraises the current issues surrounding the integration of sustainability objectives to project objectives and to projectmanagement. To support your points, you can use both primary data and secondary data. Evidence based on primary data collected would typicallyconsist of interviewing 2 to 3 project managers. Evidence based on secondary data would typically consist of references to the literature and otherdata sources. In doing this task, you will be in fact analysing sustainability challenges in business projects, taking into account stakeholdersobjectives and ethical issues related to possible conflict of interests. It is also an opportunity to Discuss (check for the help you need) to which extent sustainabilityobjectives are considered, for example, in project reporting and in value management. Overall, the focus of the task is on how sustainability isincorporated into project management practices. The report should be 3000 words long. Title, author, references, and appendices are NOT included inthe word count. The report should be structured in sections, with numbered headings and sub-headings, and pagination in order to enhance clarity.Referencing should follow the MMU Harvard style.

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