SWOT analysis for Audible

SWOT analysis for AudiblePaper instructions:1. Do a SWOT analysis for Audible: A) What are some external opportunities and threats? (Here you need to discuss both general environmental trends as well as do a Porter?s 5 forces analysis). B) What are some internal strengths and weaknesses? What is Audible?s value proposition? In other words, what are its capabilities and core competencies? (You can use the Value Chain framework here). How does it create value for the customer?2. Outline Audible?s 5 elements of strategy.3. Based on your analysis (question 1) summarize the main issues Audible faces? What options are open to the company?4. Is this business worth saving?5. Who is likely to want to purchase Audible outright? Why?6. Who is likely to want to invest in this company? Why?7. How can Audible become a profitable company?!

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