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Topic: philosophyOrder DescriptionPHIL 2030 ?PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION?Length: 2,000 wordsCritically evaluate the ontological argument for the existence of God.Recommended ReadingSt Anselm?s original statement of the argument, together with his reply to Gaunilo of Moumartier, can be found in A Modern Introduction to Philosophy, edited by Edwards and Pap, pp.403-407.A good, clear and comprehensive Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of the ontological argument can be found in Michael Diamond Contemporary Philosophy and Religious Thought, Chapter 11 ?The OntologicalArgument: Perfection?, pp.241-271.A very comprehensive book on the subject is Graham Oppy Ontological Arguments and Belief in God. Chapter 1 (pp.4-47) is an excellent overall survey. (But students could skip pp.39-46). It is NOTrecommended that you read the whole book.Kant?s famous ? although extremely obscure ? objection to the ontological argument is given in his ?The Impossibility of an Ontological Proof?, reprinted as pp.97 -102 of Mavrodes and Hackett,Problems and Perspectives in the Philosophy of Religion.For this course, any system of referencing is acceptable, provided it is clear and consistent.Some of the course notes issued do not name any author. In referring to these notes, it is sufficient to refer to them simply as ?Course notes provided by the Department of Philosophy?. Forexample, you might say ?Notes on Popper. Course notes provided by the Department of Philosophy?. s

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