systems thinking

systems thinkingUse one of the systems methodologies address a complex problematic situation in an organization in Saudi Arabia (preferably Emerson Electric, Aramco or SABIC).www.emerson.comthe answer must include? A summary description of the organizational context;? A succinct description of the problem situation;? Justification for the choice of methodology/methodologies based on the use of metaphor and the System of Systems Methodologies (SoSM);? A clear description of the use in practice of at least one systems methodology taught in this module;? Critique of the methodology you have applied and suggestion of an alternative methodology that might complement the applied methodology.It is important that the problem situation addressed is sufficiently complex to enable a detailed and well developed application of your chosen methodology.Part two;Word Limit 2,000 ? 1,800 words:Choose one of the themes (Managing Strategically, Managing Relationships, Managing Knowledge and Managing the Value Chain) which make up the MBA programme.Write an essay contrasting a systemic approach to the them with more traditional approaches. Your answer should-Demonstrate an understanding of at least one traditional approach and at least one more systems based approach to the theme (or one of its component disciplines)-contrast the traditional approach to the theme (or one of its component disciplines) with the systems approach,-provide examples from your own organization (Emerson Electric, Aramco or SABIC) where the traditional and systems approaches have been applied,-conclude with a critical assessment of the value of a systems approach

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