Taiwan vs China

John D. Schaeffer / Geog 128 Writing Assignment #3 China Says Taiwan Cannot Continue Delaying Reunion China has issued an 11,000 word report entitled The One-China Principle and the Taiwan Issue. The report sends a signal to the Taiwanese government that the powers in Beijing are growing impatient with recent delays in the reunification negotiations. Although the report mentions no formal timeline for official reunification, it has become clear China is not about to give up on effort to bring Taiwan firmly under the Chinese flag. China has offered to allow differing political systems under one united country. Despite this, Taiwans President, Lee Teng-hui, continues to meet Chinese government officials on a separated state-to-state basis. By allowing multiple types of political systems to coexist under one main government, China has showed a surprising amount of diplomacy, especially when compared to past Socialist policy-making with break-away states. Taiwan has clearly been dragging its feet in the reunification process, citing that Chinas terms appear too constraining in nature. Moreover, and beyond constraining, changing from a prospering democracy to any blend of capitalism/socialism seems an unfavorable task in the eyes of many Taiwanese citizens. Unfortunately, Chinas stand is a firm one on a fine line: any attempts to formally gain independence by Taiwan will result a grave response of force by the mainland military. Although experts think China is logistically incapable of invading Taiwan, it seems only a matter of time until reunification occurs. Chinas terms are not seen as entirely unfavorable; nobody wants war; a powerful country displaying acceptable geopolitical codes wishes to reunite with a territory once considered Chinese. The cards are in Chinas favor and America might be seen as an unnecessary interloper in Chinas rightful affairs. Remaining questionable is h…

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