Task Force Montagua

James E Hogan Ms. Petersen English 280 Task Force Montagua: New Horizons II “And that’s when my consciousness was born” -Rigoberta Menchu’ In the early part of 1999 Guatemala was hit with both a hurricane and an earthquake. The United States government agreed to activate troops to be sent to Guatemala and several of its neighbors. My unit, being Military Police, was sent to provide force protection for all American service members working in and around Guatemala. I will provide some information on Guatemala and then provide a detailed account of my mission, Task Force Montagua: New Horizons II. The country of Guatemala is mostly mountains with narrow coastal plains and rolling limestone plateau’s (AOL. online). The climate is tropical; hot, humid in lowlands; cooler in the highlands (AOL. online). During my trip the temperatures ranged from ninety to one hundred fourteen degrees in Puerto Barrios. Guatemala’s land is mostly forests and woodland, 54% (AOL. online). The rest of the country’s land is used for the production of coffee, sugar, and bananas which are Guatemala’s key exports. The people of Guatemala are a very diverse group. There are three different religions practiced in Guatemala, Roman Catholic, Protestant, and traditional Mayan. Burgos-Debray states that there are twenty-two indigenous ethnic groups in Guatemala, twenty-three including the Mestizos, or Ladinos (pg1). The indigenous people of Guatemala are the of the Mayan Indian descent. The Ladinos are Spanish speaking and of Spanish descent from the days when this area was controlled by Spain. Ladinos make up approximately 56% of the population and the Indian peoples make up approximately 44% of the population(AOL. online). Also there are many different languages spoke in Guatemala. Most of the population (60%) speaks Spanish but the rest of the population speaks one of twenty-three different Ma…

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