teanage pregnancy why or why not

why or Teaching about Teenage Pregnancy why not? What is sex education, Planned Parenthood of America defines sex education as a learning responsibility and the ethical behavior stressing the importance of understanding sexuality in all its aspects, humane growth, sexual development, social development, and decision making, as well as information on the biology of the reproduction system. (1.p.24) Do our children today need to be aware of what sex education is and how teen pregnancy can affect their lives and others? Supporters of formal sex education believe that sex is too compound to be taught by parents. Most parents are in denial that there children are not sexually active, when it is just the opposite where kids today are beginning at ages as low as fourteen, and possibly even younger. So if todays parents do not begin to teach there children where babies come from and how they are made and even more important how to prevent them, Schools who offer sex education sometimes generally focus on the parts of the body and its function. These issues are important, however on a more complex issue is pregnancy and contraception and where these kids can get there hands on it if they are being sexually active. Todays children need to be aware that becoming sexually active will rearrange their lives forever. Why do teen s get pregnant? In a survey conducted asking teens why they had unprotected sex, their answers were, didnt plan for it to happen, unsure of where to get protection, and couldnt afford contraception. (2.) Other reasons teens might get pregnant would be because taking care of babies is fun, there cute and soft and they will love you no matter what. In a movie documentary called Raging Hormones by Dr. Henry W Foster, Jr. He is shown discussing the statistics of teen pregnancy, this video gives and excellent instance on why teens get pregnant. The video shows a young girl who is playing wit…

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