Technology and Television

Technology and Television Adrian Dominguez Professor Fourzan English November 30, 1999 Technology has created many good things for humanity such as cures for illnesses, ways to make transportation faster and many other things. Yet technology has also done harm to human culture, and it is easily spread to many people all over the world. This dark side is communication, either by television or radio, violence is spread everyday. The most affected are children because they are young, easily persuaded and their innocence can not distinguish right and wrong. Children tend to see violence as a funny factor and practice it not only at home but also in other places like school, playgrounds and stores. Children are more likely to be affected by cartoon violence. This is because in a cartoon a character can easily be destroyed and revived five minutes later with no serious injury. Not only do children think this is funny, but think it is true because no one tells them that it is make believe. Reports say that this might cause children to commit serious crimes because their is little or no consequence. (Official AAP website pg. 1) Violence is what sells these days from every day cartoons like Power Rangers to Pokemon, each show contains someone being seriously injured and in seconds being cured. Networks should explain to children that the acts of violence are made up: in a fun and simple way that they can understand. Television violence leads to many problems. CYFC stated in an article that Just as children learn from their family they also learn from their super heroes. (Official CYFC Webpage pg. 1) children tend to become either fighters or victims and may encourage or provoke fights among friends. Many schools began to ban Pokemon trading cards not only because children did not pay attention in class, but because they would fight each other for the cards. This …

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