technology and the media

Technology and the Media Technology and the media have affected people in various ways over the past thirty years. They have influenced the way that people feel and think about certain issues pertaining to, not only the United States, but the rest of the world, too. I also believe that technology and the media help to shape our society, and create social norms. With the invention of magazines and models, came the world wide known idea of the “perfect man” and the “perfect woman”. This idea caused insecurity and a lack of self confidence and worth mostly among women. For example, in the sixties and seventies, there was a model by the name of twiggy. She was called Twiggy because her extremely thin body looked like a twig from a tree. Because of this new model and the emphasis on her tiny, skeletal body, woman became anorexic and bulemic – believing that they need to look exactly like Twiggy to be socially accepted, and good about themselves. This “”waiflike”” appearance that the women during the sixties and seventies were striving to achieve, took the emphasis off the importance of exercise and healthy eating. Although, we still have models – which I believe we always will – people today have become more aware of individual body types and styles. For instance, companies, now, use all kinds of models – young, old, thin, overweight, etc…- to advertise for their company. Society has put more of a focus on eating right, exercising, and being the right shape and size for your own individual body. Also, the television has played a big role in the way lifestyles have changed over the past thirty years. When I turn on the television today, I see sex, violence, and profanity blatantly thrown in my face without any precaution to whom might be watching – which shows a huge change in the way people feel about those certain issues being portrayed so commonly (like they are no big deal). I remember when I used…

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