Telehealth Simulation

A nurse is conducting a telehealth visit with a lung cancer patient. A patient, Ruth, 50 yrs old, female, hospice patient, main concern is pain management, coughing a lot, no appetite, uncertain ofher medication dosage, and her caregiver is even older and not able to provide adequate care, and caregiver was not available at the time of the tele health visit.Discuss:1. Explain how you addressed patient privacy issues during our visit.2. What types of interpersonal communication techniques were used to promote therapeutic communication. (Ex: use open ended questions = ?tell me more? )3. What were the main patient issues that you focused on for the patient?s pain assessment. ( Ex: pain management )4. Describe the contest of the education and/or instructions that were given. (Ex: scheduled medication, proper diet )5. What is your plan for patient follow up.6. What challenges and benefits were there to assessing a patient in their home.!

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